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Tabletop Refraction System TS-310

The TS-310 is a tabletop subjective refraction system that integrates chart and refractor into a single unit.


  • Simple and reliable refraction
  • Triple-performance combination
  • Flexible measurement style
  • Easy installation
  • Compact footprint

Simple and reliable refraction

The TS-310 is a tabletop subjective refraction system that integrates chart and refractor into a single unit.


Triple-performance combination

Operation-oriented control box

The 5.7-inch color LCD touch screen displays all data with high visibility. Simple, understandable, and comfortable user interfaces ensure an effective operation.


Sophisticated refractor

Beautiful ergonomic design enhances a stress-free examination environment for both operator and patient, while maintaining superior accuracy.


Reliable chart unit

The TS-310 uniquely uses the same high resolution charts for both far and near testing. The brilliant clarity of the LCD, allows visual acuity at 5 m and near visual acuity at 40 cm to be measured with the same accuracy as actual distances.


Flexible measurement style

Regardless of personal measurement style, or sitting / standing ergonomic preferences, the TS-310 ensures comfortable examinations. Clean symmetry design, without a refractor pole, allows examinations from both right and left side of patients.


Easy installation

The TS-310 does not require complex angle and distance adjustments during installation, which can be achieved by any staff member without expert knowledge.

Compact footprint

Super space-saving design of the TS-310 (from 0.4 to 0.7 m wide, 0.5 m deep), offers flexible room arrangement without compromising the precision of conventional refractions.

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  • Smooth, quiet lens selection for faster examinations
  • R / L independent PD adjustment for improved precision
  • Built-in clear and safe illumination (white LED)
  • High quality near point card

Detailed Information

  • 5.7-inch color LCD
    Enhanced informative color LCD touch panel can display a great deal of information. VA charts and near point lamp can be selected easily by pressing the icons shown on the touch panel.
  • Advanced dial with S/C/A mode keys
    The dial on the control panel provides easy
    operation. S/C/A mode keys in the center of
    the dial allows the operator to quickly refine sphere, cylinder
    and axis powers using only one hand.
  • Built-In High Speed Line Printer with Automatic Paper Cutting
    The RT-3100 control box includes a built-in high-speed printer to automatically print out the thermal tape. The data display of the measurement is easy to read.


The RT-5100’s compact and ergonomic does not cover the patient’s face, offering comfortable examination. The RT-5100’s compact and ergonomic does not cover the patient’s face, offering comfortable examination.

  • Wide visual field
    Wide visual field of 40° also provides a natural view environment for the patient, enabling more realistic and accurate measurement.
  • Night mode
    The RT-5100 enables to examine night-time visual acuity under low light condition.
  • Clear Vision Range Check
    ”Clear Vision Range Check” presents the clear vision range under correction in a graphical form based on measured values.


  • Smooth and accurate measurement of spherical and cylindrical powers
  • Multiple auxiliary lenses
  • Convergence system for accurate near vision measurement

Reichert Phoroptor

The original and best refracting instrument, Phoroptor continues to be the industry standard after more than 90 years, offering world-renown mechanical quality and craftsmanship. The Reichert Phoroptor is the only refracting instrument completely designed and manufactured in the United States. Each Phoroptor is made of nearly 1,000 pieces, assembled by hand in our Buffalo, New York factory.

Every Phoroptor has that unmistakable feel of quality. The smooth rotation of the dials. The virtual absence of play in the mechanisms. The precise, solid click of the control knobs. Constant reminders that you’re using the world’s finest refracting instrument. It’s a fit and feel no one can duplicate, any more than they can duplicate the Phoroptor’s optical quality, accuracy and reliability.


Optometric Workstation COS-5100

  • Highly advanced and space saving optometric workstation incorporating a refractor, auto ref/kerato/tono/pachymeter, space saving chart, lensmeter, etc.
  • Various system configurations to fit each customer’s needs

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