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The SPECTRALIS® is an ophthalmic imaging platform with an upgradable, modular design. This platform allows clinicians to configure each SPECTRALIS® to the specific diagnostic workflow in the practice or clinic.

Options include: OCT, multiple scanning laser fundus imaging modalities, widefield and ultra-widefield modules and scanning laser angiography.



Glaucoma Module Premium Edition

The Glaucoma Module Premium Edition provides a comprehensive analysis of the optic nerve head, retinal nerve fiber layer, and ganglion cell layer by precisely matching unique scan patterns to the fine anatomic structures relevant in glaucoma diagnostics.

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MultiColor Module

MultiColor is an innovative technology for fundus imaging offering structural detail and clarity not available from traditional fundus photography.



BluePeak Module

BluePeak is a non-invasive, scanning laser fundus imaging modality that provides a map of the retina which can reveal metabolic malfunction of diagnostic significance in many conditions such as AMD.



Widefield Imaging Module

The Widefield Imaging Module provides the standard field of view of a mydriatic fundus camera for all SPECTRALIS® fundus imaging modalities, simplifying diagnostic protocols and facilitating detection of peripheral pathology.



Anterior Segment Module

The Anterior Segment Module enables high-resolution OCT imaging of cornea, sclera, and anterior chamber angles.



OCT2 is a next generation OCT module for the SPECTRALIS® platform, offering enhanced image quality from vitreous to choroid and noticeably faster scan speed.



Scanning Laser Angiography Module

SPECTRALIS® scanning laser angiography provides high-resolution images and video sequences showing the dynamic movement of dye through the vessels and minute details of the parafoveal capillary network.



Ultra-Widefield Angiography Module

The Ultra-Widefield Angiography Module delivers evenly illuminated, high-contrast scanning laser angiography images from the macula through the periphery.

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