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Aviso S

The very compact Aviso S is the digital breakthrough in ophthalmic ultrasound. While in the past, standardized A-scans were only possible with an analog device, the Aviso S is the first and only device that enables digital now. Through years of experience in the field of standardized A-scans, Quantel Medical is the gold standard in this area. They have been able to convert this knowledge and experience, with cooperation of Dr. Karl Ossoining, to a digital device, the Aviso S.

  • Standardized A-Scan ultrasound certified by Prof. K. Ossoinig
  • Unique software for internal reflectivity analysis and characterization of tissues
  • Available with B mode, UBM and biometry modes

Besides standardized A-scans, there is also the possibility to link a 10, 20, 25 and/or a 50Mhz B-scan to the Aviso S. This unique device gives you the possibility to make digital all thinkable scans, edit them, archive them and send them to your digital patient record.

  • Control unit with Touch Screen
  • Cineloop last 10sec B-scan images
  • Varigain Gain is adjustable of 20 to 110db during or after the recording
  • Vplus Gain is adjustable to 110 db
  • A-scan recording consists of 1664 measurement points
  • Post refractive IOL calculation
  • Both Contact as Immersion method. Software included
  • Standard delivered with: B-Probe 10MHz (closed) & A-Probe standardized 8 MHz

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Quantel Medical has been the market leader in ophthalmic ultrasound and offers you a new experience in both A, B as UBM scanning with today’s technology. The Aviso comes with an Apple display with integrated processes for an optimal preview.
Here you can select from different probes:

  • 10 Mhz B-scan
  • 20 Mhz HF short focus/long focus
  • 25 Mhz Linear probe
  • 50 Mhz UBM
  • Probeam biometric probe with built-in laser

Compact Touch

Compact in Design, Definitive in Diagnosis

The new Compact Touch benefits from a new generation of 15 MHz B probe with a resolution increased by 30%. It allows for a better visualization of the eye structures and the orbit hence a better diagnosis.
Small in size, this probe benefits from an excellent ergonomics to facilitate its handling and use.

  • Ultra-compact A/B/P ultrasound system
  • ​New 15MHz Probe generation
  • ​DICOM and EMR compatible

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