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Sirius – Topograf

The ”2 in 1” system provides a quick, three dimensional analysis of the whole cornea and the anterior segment in only one step.

The extremely high resolution of only one micrometre and more than 100,000 analysis points detect the smallest of irregularities.

The contact-free measurement allows an analysis of the complete corneal wavefront, the topography of the anterior and posterior corneal surface (including the tangential and axial curvature) as well as the anterior chamber.

Keratoconus Screening: The SCHWIND SIRIUS offers detailed descriptions of the morphology as well as the classification of the keratoconus.

In addition, the version with SCHWIND SIRIUS provides detailed information on the entire anterior segment of the eye and all necessary information for a pachymetry assisted laser keratoplasty (PALK) thanks to the Scheimpflug camera.

The integrated pupillometry captures the pupil diameter either dynamically or statically according to the defined lighting conditions.

The HandyRef-K/HandyRef
The HandyRef-K / HandyRef analyzes a wide area (Max. 4 mm diameter) pupil zone. By measuring the light coming through the pupil zone in a wide area, more
accurate measurement data closer to the subjective refraction is now possible.
Small pupil (Min. 2 mm diameter) can also be measured.

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