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Intelligent Blocker ICE-1200

  • Automatic lens measurement and blocking
  • Lens clamping with new mechanism
  • Multicolor LCD touch panel with high resolution
  • New multiple-frame tracer
  • Shape Imager measurement capture

Automatic lens measurement and blocking
Four measurement methods can be selected depending on lens type.
Simple lens stage supports smooth blocking operation.

Lens clamping with new mechanism
Newly designed lens clamp pins secure lens with optimal pressure and enable stable blocking.

Multicolor LCD touch panel with high resolution
8.4-inch multicolor display shows lens shape and layout information in real scale. Functions are represented with simple icons for intuitive operation.

New multiple-frame tracer
New tracer provides accurate measurement of a wide array of frames including high-wrap style.

Shape Imager measurement capture
In addition to auto measurement of lens shape and hole position, measurement of partial step lens is also possible.

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The all new motorized lens blocking process takes only two seconds, greatly increasing productivity.

Operations are performed comfortably and streamlined with use of the twin jog dials.

The display can be tilted at four different angles.

The shape imager detects the shape of a pattern, demo lens, holes and horizontal axis automatically

Intelligent Blocker Ice mini+

Operation only with 3 manual steps provides quick and easy blocking.

The 8.4-inch color LCD touch panel offers easy operation. The lens’s traced outlines and finished outlines are shown in actual size.

The hole position information can be converted into a digital data and it is editable with use of a stylus pen on the touch panel.

Centering Device CE-9

  • Long-life LED
  • Light control for optimum visibility
  • Compact and stylish design

Long-life LED eliminates the need to change a light bulb and reduces energy consumption.

The brightness of the LED is adjustable.

The CE-9 is more compact than the previous model.

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